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The Unaccompanied Minors!

this OMG

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I can't believe garbage like this gets through the BiasModFilter and other stuff doesn't.

    STFU about these cretins.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    The funny thing is, it's probably the 'cretins' publicizing themselves. EVERYONE is sick of you, please stop making fools of yourselves. kthnx

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Hey you unaccompanied minors, I have a pedophilic urge to meet you, how about behind the SLC in the garbage area saturday night. I'll be there, my white van with no windows, candy, and all.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I'm actually not apart of the unaccompanied minors, thanks, Can't sing for crap. Some people aren't complete bitter dicks and can appreciate others who work hard. 1,2 and 3... don't worry some day someone will love you too. Have a great reading week.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    4, at least one of the above was me, a member with at least 15 years of music experience. Thanks for playing though?

  6. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    1: So, last I checked, OMGUWILUs were supposed to be about things we loved at UW. The Unaccompanied Minors make themselves a known part of UW...why shouldn't people love what they do?

  7. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    really, again? I feel like one of these days the group members should realize that posting stupid stuff like this is useless in getting known at UW. Afterall..that's what all the Unaccompanied Minors seem to do..advertise everywhere

    Doing something you enjoy like singing should be more important than getting famous for it.

  8. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    ^ Are you saying they're a bad group for wanting to share their hard work with people? I've been to a couple performances and I really enjoyed myself, and I wouldn't have known about them unless it had been advertised. They clearly love what they do and I love them for sharing it with everyone.