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empty bathrooms :) i also love knowing that no one is listening to me tinkle

this OMG

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:


    Here's how it goes down for me:

    *manly stream of piss arcs through the air - water comes blasting up the sides of the bowl*

    If anyone else is in the bathroom, they're usually in tears by the time I hit the flusher. I rumble with gruff laughter at their puny tears and the paper towel dispenser explodes to plastic shards when I tear off a sheet.
    The mirrors fall from the walls as I slam the door behind me.

    That's how you take a piss, peon!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    LMAO I didn't know pee could be manly. How attractive ;)

    -sincerely yours,

    Ps. Us girls tinkle. And yes. Girls pee too

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I love it when nobody hears me play battleshits by myself.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    lol. Hey OP, 1 here.

    Believe me, nothing could be more attractive. Tell you what, next time you walk by the washroom and hear the sounds of porcelain shattering, don't be shy. Though the distance between manly and tinkle is great, We could teach each other about our worlds.


  5. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Dear 1,

    I think you just made my heart skip a beat with your immaculate grammar *swoons*
    I will make sure to say hi should I ever hear shattering porcelain :) then we could have a clean up party together.

    Yours truly,


  6. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Dearest OP,

    Very well then, I'll look forward to that happy day. Until then I will meet you in my dreams where I might whisper sternly, but perhaps not unlovingly, "I want to hear you pee."

    Ever yours,

  7. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Dearest 1,

    Your last love note posted above made me giggle :) How romantic *sighs

    I will count down the days.

    Do not forget about me,

  8. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    My OP,

    How could I ever forget?

    From now on, when I think of forbidden pleasures, like that impossibly sweet, juicy peach dangling just out of reach, I'll think of you.


  9. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    OP and 1 need to get it over with and bang.

  10. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    9, I couldn't agree more ;)

    Lovely 1,

    Let us listen to the wise words of 9.

    Thinking of thee,